Trip to Naples Middle School

This is a presentation that Elena, Victoria and me in VI grade made of our amazing trip to discovers the wonderful things that Naples preserves. I hope you will enjoy it and please comment! Your opinion is very important!

Foto Trip Naples dal blog 2

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Field trip to Naples


Beach clean up

Dear students,

You have probably have heard that the 16th of May the school will go to the beach of Lago Patria and clean it. I wanted to discuss with you about this topic because I think it’s a brilliant idea. Since we are young, we need to understand that our world is not perfect and we are the future of the world so the ones that need to impede pollution, the ones that need to get up this world and make it understand that nothing is never lost. This is an educative and also fun activity because we are all together and the more we are the better it is. Now tell me what you think about this project. Is it useful to start building a new world or is it boring for you? The last thing I wanted to ask you is if you are going or not. I’m waiting for you. Byeeeeeee!!!!!!!