My wish

This song represents for me a solution to my bad moments, a help to get stronger and stronger every day and have the will to live my life with a smile on my face, a heart inside me and a positive thought in my mind.
“My wish ” is a real power to say “I love you” when you don’t have the words to say it .

Music is about recognising ourselves in a song and letting it say what we cannot express with words.

I hope you liked it and it made you understand a little bit more about loving someone. – LAURA


Sports Day

Our school is most of all a world of ideas.

I think you will probably remember that week when we needed to put on different costumes every day.

That’s why it’s funny going to school.

It gives us the opportunity to learn by having fun and sharing emotions and moments and thoughts and whatever we want with the others.

This last day of school for some people who need to go away or need to go on vacations was about sport. It really wasn’t the last day of school, but most of the students will go away and so the school decided to end this awesome week of school with a magnificent day of sports.

Sport is a subject as well as Italian, Math and English and it provides strength, but most of all “technique”. It is very important to practice a sport because although you have practiced a lot of sports in your life, just one or two reflect your personality, so what you are or what you like to do could be transmitted through doing sport and activity.

Our school donated us an awesome sport day! It happened on the 26th of June when all the teachers, children of primary school, boys and girls of middle school and of 1st and 2nd years of high school, dressed up like real athletes to play all the sports and games that Prof Alfredo (our PE teacher) had reserved us.

We played a lot of exciting and amazing games and competitions that didn’t divide us like it can usually happen, but it made us be closer to each other and make new friends without caring about the ages.

First we divided into two groups: the people who wanted to play soccer and the ones who wanted to try volley ball since we don’t practice it a lot. Both groups played in a very harmonious way.
Then we did a running race with all the school and that moment was as precious as winning a trophy and it will always remain in our minds and hearts.
Then we ate a delicious hot dog and hamburger that Miss Alice prepared for us with a barbecue. We all loved it and after eating them, we all wanted a bis.
Then we continued playing until 4 o’clock. We also played tennis because some friends in the middle school brought some rackets and balls.
We will always remember this memorable day in our school career!!!